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 About The Band

Texas Tradition was formed in the Summer of 1995 by Don and Sue Lummus, for the express purpose of trying to nullify and overcome all the "Generic Country" bands that seemed to have taken over the whole world (and are still trying to)! It seemed that everywhere "live" entertainment was featured, the same 4 pickers (lead guitar, keyboard, bass, drums) were backing up the same Garth Brooks look alike, wearing the same headset microphone, singing the same 10 songs! Unfortunately, this trend continues today, but along with a whole bunch of other like-minded pickers (thanks to the World Wide Web), Texas Tradition Band is making a profound statement against this trend, and actually seeing a slight but definite turn in the right direction for Real Country Music!
Texas Tradition is committed to preserving, promoting, and performing, Traditional Country, Western Swing, Rock-a-Billy, and in general, Texas Honky-tonk Dance Music, and will continue to do so as long as we're able!

Our "repertoire" (that's "song list" for us Country Folks) includes a lot of Classic stuff, as well as a whole bunch of original stuff, in the styles listed above, plus all the other stuff we can fit in that falls into the Honky-tonk Genre (ain't sure what that translates into for Country Folks).
If you get to come to one of our dances, (we prefer them over "sit-down" shows), we guarantee we'll throw so much stuff at you, you're bound to want to dance at least one or two! Come see us... We'll save a table for you!

Band Formed: August, 1995

Idea For Name: Named by Don Lummus from billboard on Hwy. 259 South to Nacogdoches, Texas, advertising ForeTravel Motor Homes (free plug) "A Texas Tradition since 1965"

Original Members: Don Lummus, (Lead Guitar) Sue Lummus (Vocals), Don Lummus, Jr. (Vocals), Lee Pettijohn (Steel Guitar), Eddie Davis (Fiddle), Jack Daugherty (Bass Guitar), and Various and Assorted Drummers. (Longest to stick with it... Scott Wiens)

Present Members: Don Lummus, Sue Lummus, Larry McCoy, John Harris, Ray Flanagan

First Gig: Rusk County Rodeo Association Street Dance, Henderson, Texas (one of our very rare "hometown" gigs.. which is a whole other chapter)