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Okay...You've seen this one before!
If PawPaw writes must be true!

June 30th..
Another month done gone! Summer is definitely here!
Gonna be busy this weekend.. we get to play for our friends at Highland Pines Nursing Center in Longview, Texas, this Thursday evening..lots of really nice folks there who seem to appreciate us very much! Also... they feed us free!
Then we have a private party to pick for Saturday night.. looking forward to hopefully making some new friends and fans down Lake Palestine way. They're gonna feed us also! Can't beat that deal!
Come see us when you get somewhere around where we're pickin!
Don & Sue
Tues. June 17th
Y'all say "howdy" and welcome to our "newest" member of Texas Tradition Band, Ray Flanagan, Drummer, and all around "nice guy". He's been pickin' with us for the past couple of gigs, and declared that he would like to join us full time this past Saturday Night at our "regular" Mineola Gig.
Pictures and bio are being prepared as you read this. Now all we need is a few more decent-paying gigs so we can afford to take this band on the road!
Also... a Special Howdy to all the Thornton's (Sue's family) who actually do log on to our website after promising they would at the reunion this past Saturday in "downtown" Jamestown, La.!
C U all down the road ...soon.
P.S. To this posting:  A really sad day today (June 18th, 2003) Just found out this morning that our good friend and extraordinary drummer, Tommy Dee passed away Friday after a long-suffering paralysis which left him bed-ridden and wheelchair-bound for the past several years. Always kept his sense of humor, and loved life, music, his red-headed grand-daughter, and his wonderful wife, Nancy.
Then, later this morning, found out that we lost another friend and great fiddler, PeeWee Walker, to a battle with cancer he just couldn't beat. He too, kept his sense of humor and love of life right up to the end. Please "visit" them both on our "memorium" page dedicated to them.
Don and Sue
Thurs. June 5th
Gettin' to be sorta busy again!.. Got several new booking dates for all y'all to come out and see us.
Plus.. our new "Country Quiz" page.. test your "Country Knowledge".. More pictures coming soon! Lots of stuff in the works.. thanks for keepin' up with us!
Come see us this weekend.. or any other weekend where we're pickin'!
See Y'all down the road
Don & Sue

Tues. May 20th
Looks like it's "official"... Larry McCoy and John Harris are now the  newest members of Texas Tradition Band. Both guys are really great musicians, as well as really good people.
Check out their new Bios and Pictures on our "Meet The Band" Page! Here's hoping for a long and happy relationship for all of us!
Come See Us When You Can
Don & Sue
Wed. May 7th
Looks as if bookings are beginning to get sorta "regular" once again. Mineola Texas seems to really like us.. we like that! Very nice folks at the VFW there.
Had a couple of "new Guys" work with us this  past weekend.. and will be working with us again for the next couple of gigs. Larry McCoy on Lead Guitar, and John Harris on Bass Guitar...both seem to be really into our kind of stuff. Will just have to see how it works out. Still looking for a Steel Picker, but can't find one committed enough to stay regular. Oh Well.. life as a country picker goes on!
Come See us when you can..
Don & Sue