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 Larry McCoy
My Father brought home a Kay electric guitar when I was 10 years old. He took it and me into the bedroom, showed me "Wildwood Flower" and told me I could come out when I could play it. I think I had a band a few weeks later and we tormented the neighborhood day and night from then on (still doing it).
I was doing Moose club gigs by age 11 banging out top 40 Rock & Roll  and the oldies country that I loved even back then.
Lead Guitar was (and still is) my passion, and  I was playing with a "grownup" stage band starting in my early teens. I toured the Southwestern States and Mexico with an 8 piece band called "Donny Tapp & The Dragons" at 14, and played with them for 3 years as I honed my stage performance and matured as a picker. Many bands, phases of music, and over 40 years have passed, but the solid, traditional country music has remained the music I love to hear and play.  I was very pleased when a position in The Texas Tradition Band became available. The name says it all.

That's about it. I could fill in the years, drop a few names, tell a few lies but I think that covers things fairly well.